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We’re building something ambitious at Fly.io: a new public cloud, running on our own hardware all over the world, built to make it easy to run apps close to users everywhere.

The Executive Assistant to the CEO assists the CEO in navigating the fast-moving, ever-changing priorities of leading our ambitious project and team. This role takes care of the details so the CEO can focus on the big picture, keeping things moving forward.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Coordinate with the CEO to review priorities, discuss pending items, and streamline decision-making. This will happen both in person and remotely, depending on the situation
  • Anticipate administrative needs and next steps, adjusting priorities as needed
  • Oversee various project management tasks and ensure follow-up on action items
  • Manage the CEO’s inbox, responding, drafting, or escalating as appropriate
  • Manage the CEO’s calendar, liaising with the Fly.io team, board members, funders, and external partners to plan engagements
  • Make travel arrangements according to preference
  • Complete various administrative tasks, including expense management, workflow approvals, obtaining signatures, and acting as notary when needed (Don’t worry, if you’re not an official Notary Public you can obtain that certification upon hire)
  • Provide assistance with personal administrative projects and tasks

This role will be a good fit for you if:

  • You’ve got some solid startup Executive Assistant experience under your belt. You’re comfortable with the tasks required in a company of our size and stage (About 100 employees and three years old) and are unphased by the quirks of an emerging team.
  • You learn quickly and think critically, seeking out information however you can get your hands on it. You are comfortable with paradox and don’t need things to be fully defined in order to act. You’re skilled at adopting new tools and processes.
  • While a properly checked off to-do list is thrilling, you don’t wait for someone to create it for you. You assess the situation, understand priorities, and make a better to-do list than anyone else could ever make for you.
  • You can move forward toward bigger goals while efficiently putting out fires as they inevitably arise. You create and maintain systems to help things stay on track.
  • You can express complex ideas in both formal and informal written formats. You learn the voice of the company and the CEO and successfully integrate that into your writing.
  • You know how to cultivate a trusting and productive working rapport with executives. You’re comfortable working with big picture thinkers and are skillful at translating the vision into “what needs to get done today.” You deliver feedback with clarity and kindness.

You’ll know you’re succeeding in your job if:

  • You work together with the CEO to establish a workflow that ensures priority tasks are addressed
  • You anticipate administrative needs based on new information or the changing landscape
  • You complete tasks in a timely way that seamlessly keeps things moving forward
  • You effectively compose written responses on behalf of the CEO
  • The CEO’s calendar is managed according to their preference, with attention to detail
  • You project manage larger tasks to completion, collaborating with internal Fly.io team members or external partners to get that done

More details

This is a mid-level, full-time, hybrid remote and in-person position. Unlike other roles at Fly.io, this role is required to be located in New Orleans, LA and will spend at least a couple days a week working in person with the CEO in various locations in New Orleans. Travel may occasionally be required.

In order to optimize for pay equity, Fly.io doesn’t negotiate salaries. We have standardized salaries for each employee level. The salary for this role is $134k USD. We offer competitive equity grants with a long exercise window. US employees get health care, everyone gets flexible vacation time (with a minimum), hardware/phone allowances, the standard stuff.

We’re weird about hiring. We’re skeptical of resumes and we don’t trust traditional interviews. We respect career experience but we’re more excited about potential.

If you’re interested in this role, please email jobs+ea@fly.io with the following information:

  • Name
  • Why you’re interested
  • A few paragraphs telling us about a time when you were supporting someone who gave you a complex project, and you didn’t have all the information you needed to successfully complete it. How did you approach the situation? What was the outcome?