Global Edge Applications

Fly hosted Edge Applications are billed for actual usage. The first few months are on us. There are no plans, and we only bill for what you use (see below).

  • Application execution

    • $0.00000375 per execution second
    • Includes 128mb of RAM
    • Metered per millisecond (1ms increments)
    An application that runs code for 720 hours costs$9.72
  • Cache storage (in memory)

    • $0.000025 per stored GB per second
    • Metered per MB (1MB increments)
    Caching 100MB of data for 720 hours costs$6.48
  • Data transfer

    • Outbound data transfer is $0.10/GB
    • Inbound data transfer is free
    Sending 100GB of data to visitors costs$10.00
  • Certificate management

    • Each SSL certificate we manage costs $0.10 per month
    • No charge for inactive hostnamesWhen you add a hostname to a Fly Edge Application, it is inactive until the DNS is changed (or you manually verify the hostname).
    • We Support Let's Encrypt: We donate half our certificate management fees to Let's Encrypt every year
    An app with 10 certificates costs$1 / mo

Free trial

Each new account gets a feature-complete free trial period. This is based on usage, not time, so you can try everything without silly deadlines. The Trial Plan includes $25 of free credits. We won't bill you until that credit is gone.

How we bill

If you have an account with paid usage, and no remaining usage credits, we will bill you a minimum of $10 and apply any overage as an account credit. For instance, if you use $3.50 of service in a month and have no accounts credits, we will bill you $10. Your account will then have $6.50 in credits remaining. If you use $3.50 the next month, we will just deduct usage fees from your existing credits.

Hosting features

Fly hosts your applications on a globally distributed, resilient infrastructure. Use fly deploy to ship your application all over the world — instantly.

  • Global infrastructure

    Development environment spot graphic
    • Instant deployment, everywhere
    • Distribute data services
    • Live logs, access control, and more.
  • Powerful hostname API

    Hostname API spot graphic
    • Add unlimited hostnames with a simple POST
    • Give your customers their own hostname with SSL
    • Wildcard hostnames (soon)