Fly Overview Guide

Welcome to the Fly Documentation. There's a lot here so we have section guides to speed you to the information you need.

In the Overview

This is the Overview section. Here you will find:

  • Introduction which explains what Fly is, why we built it and what it can do for you.
  • Speedrun is the bare essentials of deploying an App on Fly in the fewest possible steps.
  • Hands-On is a more leisurely step-by-step introduction to the same process: deploying an App on Fly.

Other Sections

Beyond the Overview section, there are four major sections of the documentation.

  • Quickstart Guides go deeper into building and deploying apps on Fly, including specific guides for Go, Node, Ruby and Deno, and creating a static website. There's also a quick guide on how to work with your deployed Apps.
  • Guides and Examples is a library of both full examples and detailed guides on how to configure and run particular apps or use Fly for specific applications.
  • Fly Reference is the heart of the documentation with both essential reference content for Fly's command-line tool Flyctl and reference material for everything from Fly's architecture and scaling to Redis on Fly and managing secrets.
  • About is a section for all the essential things you need to know for an online service: pricing, security, support, privacy, and terms.