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We’re psyched to talk to you about working with us! is doing something ambitious: we’re building a new public cloud, one designed, from the jump, for developers, that runs code close to users wherever they are around the world. We have fun problems coming out of our ears and we’re happy to share them.

Let’s get you up to speed on what we’re like and how we hire.

Our Stack

The tl;dr is that we build on Rust, Go, Ruby, and Elixir, on Linux. If you’re comfortable with any of those, we probably have interesting roles for you.

Learn more about our stack here.

Our Roles

We’re generally hiring all across We’ve got roles on our API backend, defining our developer experience; on our Elixir frontend; in security engineering; on infrastructure; and, of course, on the platform itself.

Learn more about our roles here.

Our Hiring Process

We’re weird about hiring! We’re always happy to talk, but we’re skeptical of resumes and interviews. We respect career experience but we aren’t hypnotized by it, and we’re thrilled at the prospect of discovering new talent. We hire with work-sample challenges, in a process calibrated to take less time than a standard tech industry interview hazing.

Learn more about our hiring process here.

Working At is remote-first (no central office!) and hires around the world, with the same USA-based comp schedule everywhere in the world.

Here’s more than you want to know about what it’s like to work here.