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By Ben Johnson

I'm All-In on Server-Side SQLite

The conventional wisdom of full-stack applications is the n-tier architecture, which is now so common that it's easy to forget it even has a name. It's what you're doing when you run an "application server" like Rails, Django, or Remix alongside a...

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By Chris Nicoll

Logbook - 2022-05-05

Features and fixes are flying like dodgeballs in a school gym, and the Changelog Enforcer could probably have done a better job patrolling—but let's have a look at our haul of updates since our first Logbook post. There's a fair amount of ...

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By Nolan Darilek

Accessibility and Real-time Apps: Clearing Fog and Picking Fruit

Hey, everyone. Last time we talked a bit about what accessibility is, why it's important, and how you can incorporate it into your process. Today, using the time-travel superpowers of Git, I'll take you along as I start making LiveBeats more acces...

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By Chris Nicoll

Logbook - 2022-04-20

Here's a changelog covering our most recent activity (i.e. since we started compiling updates, a bit under two weeks ago): [Feature] Added extra capacity in IAD. [Feature] Backup regions (by far our most confusing misfeature) are now disabled...

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By Thomas Ptacek

A Foolish Consistency: Consul at

We set the scene, as usual, with sandwiches. Dig if you will the picture: a global Sandwich Bracket application, ascertaining once and for all the greatest sandwich on the planet. wants our app, sandwich-bracket, deployed close to users aro...

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By Nolan Darilek

Accessibility for Real-time Web Apps

Like every developer, I rely on a number of products and services to manage and promote my many side projects. But I've had more than one neat idea go down in flames because I simply couldn't use the amazing, must-have service that would have mad...

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By Mark Ericksen Is Hiring Laravel Specialists sponsors the Laravel Livewire project, and now we're hiring Laravel people. Here's's not-so-secret evil plan. We make it easy to run full-stack apps—any app, in any framework—close to your users. We're a simple and powerful way to ru...

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By Thomas Ptacek

Our User-Mode WireGuard Year

WireGuard is fundamental to how works. Along with Firecracker and Rust, it’s one of the three “interesting” technical choices we’ve made. Practically everything that talks to anything else at does so over WireGuard. That goes for u...

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By Lubien & Chris Nicoll

Turbocharge Your Heroku Apps With New Turboku

In early 2020, before we launched our VM platform, we made a little landing page called Turboku. It was a one-click launcher to deploy a Heroku app on It let people try us out without spending time porting an app. Many of our first custome...

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By Chris McCord

LiveBeats: Building a Social Music App With Phoenix LiveView

We decided that 2022 was a good year to ship a full-stack Phoenix reference app. The "full stack" metaphor has progressed beyond its humble beginnings of some REST endpoints and sprinkles of JS and CSS. Showing off a todo app is also no longer sta...

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By Kurt Mackey & Chris Nicoll

Free Postgres Databases

We like building side projects and also hate paying for hosting for side projects. We also know that y'all like free stuff. And we think that when you use free stuff for side projects, there's a pretty good chance you'll pay for similar stuff for ...

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