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The 5-hour CDN

The term "CDN" ("content delivery network") conjures Google-scale companies managing huge racks of hardware, wrangling...

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Elixir is amazing – coincidentally, we're hiring Elixir dev advocates

We're starting to think that Elixir might be the Flyest ❤️ programming language.Fly is a hosting platform for applications...

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New VMs: more RAM, extra CPU, and a dollar menu

Fly.io turns your container apps into swarms of fast-booting VMs and runs them close to your users. Bless your users...

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We cut bandwidth prices. Go nuts.

Fly.io turns your Docker apps into Firecracker VMs and runs them all over the world. We're now charging $0.02 per...

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Run Apollo Server Close to Your Users

Fly.io can run API servers close to users. It's kind of like a CDN for your GraphQL server. Here's a guide to building...

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