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Working on Fly since 2016 — dreaming about it since 2008.

Feature Friday: wildcard certificates, better hostname tools

Good news everyone, you can now add wildcard hostnames to Fly Edge Apps and get shiny wildcard certificates with...

By Kurt 

Feature Friday: AWS S3 backends, smarter images, and Squarespace support

TGIF! We recently released Fly’s open source CDN. It’s a powerful CDN built specifically for developers. Written...

By Kurt 

Fly cache API: now with tags + global deletes + extra sauce

Fly's caching API reads from and writes to regional, in memory cache servers. The most recent Fly release includes...

By Kurt 

Feature Friday: app generator, better logging, and one other thing

Happy Friday! We just released Fly version 0.38.1. Have a look at the changelog (diff), or just install it now:

By Kurt 

Introducing Fly Edge Apps

We've just released Fly Edge Apps! tldr; Build edge applications written in JavaScript. Develop locally (npm install...

By Kurt 

Fly Edge Apps: Advanced HTTP Routing

Have you ever wanted to serve bunch of different apps on the same hostname? We have, and earned VCL / HAProxy / nginx...

By Kurt 

Fly Edge Apps: Develop, Test, Release

We have all broken apps by fat fingering a config or clicking the wrong checkbox in a control panel for an important...

By Kurt 

How Gravatar hurts your visitors

This is my Gravatar. There are many like it, but this one is mine: Giving users an instant, recognizable avatar...

By Kurt