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Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

With the holidays approaching and 2018 quickly coming to an end, we're eager to relax and reflect on the year that...

By Christina 

Help Wanted: Open Source Contributors

Over the past several weeks, we've been hard at work open sourcing all components of the Fly runtime. It's official...

By Christina 

Superfly Apps: Realtime chat app with Fanout + Fly

In my latest installment of Superfly Apps, I get to share a quick and easy realtime chat app by our friends at Fanout

By Christina 

Podcast roundup: 2018

We've been busy bees here at Fly! In case you missed it, we released Fly v0.38.1 with some cool new features like...

By Christina 

Superfly Apps: Routeshuffle

Any runners out there? There's a few of us, right? For those who like to squeeze a little jog in when we're traveling...

By Christina 

Meet the Flys

Fly is more than just your friendly, global application runtime. We're also a small but mighty, distributed team...

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