Superfly Apps: Routeshuffle

By Christina 

Any runners out there? There's a few of us, right? For those who like to squeeze a little jog in when we're traveling, doesn't it bum you out when you stick to running around your hotel block because you have no idea where to actually go? Does this street turn into a dead-end? Will I end up in the next city if I make a wrong turn? It'll really make you miss your home route.

Well, fear not because high school runner Riley Walz had this exact problem and developed Routeshuffle. Routeshuffle is an app that creates random routes that start and end at the same location.


Routeshuffle is a Node app built using Glitch, a creative community full of magical tools for creating any app or website that you can dream up. Since Glitch does not support using custom domains yet, Riley used Fly — a recommendation from a friend (thank you Riley's friend!) — so he could easily route traffic on his domain to the Glitch app. Why does this matter? Google has been shown to favor sites on one directory, and Fly makes it more convenient to have your site setup this way. Instead of having a blog.domain.ext and app.domain.ext, you can now have domain.ext/blog and domain.ext/app without the pain of having everything on the same server. We affectionately refer to this as our One Hostname To Rule Them All and we dig deeper into the importance of hosting on one domanin in this post (Spoiler: Subdomains accumulate positive signals differently than root domains and thus affect your SEO).

So there you have it! Our first superfly community app that makes your routes more interesting while staying on track.

In this new series, I'm sharing some of my favorite Fly apps. Did you build something cool using Fly? Solve a problem with an Edge App? Shoot me an email at or ping me on Twitter and we'll share with our superfly community.