Superfly Apps: Realtime chat app with Fanout + Fly

By Christina 

In my latest installment of Superfly Apps, I get to share a quick and easy realtime chat app by our friends at Fanout, a cloud service that makes it easy to build and scale realtime/evented APIs.

I talked to Justin, the CEO and founder at Fanout, who was inspired to develop the app because it's a fun and easy way to showcase serverless, realtime features.

Function backends aren't intended to be long-running, which means realtime capabilities must be handled by an external service, so we figured why not Fanout in that case? Fly is great because it runs at the edge, minimizing latency. This is important for realtime apps.

Flychatdemo 5

Naturally, you want to know what's happening under the hood, right? Well, the backend is a JavaScript application that runs statelessly on Fly, streaming connections are handled by Fanout Cloud, and message data is stored in AWS DynamoDB.

Now's your turn to dig in and try it out for yourself! Check it out on GitHub then start building your own superfly app!  

In this little series, I'm sharing some of my favorite Fly apps. Do you have one hostname to rule them all? Have you solved a problem with an Edge App? Shoot me an email at or ping me on Twitter and we'll share with our superfly community.