Meet the Flys

By Christina 

Fly is more than just your friendly, global application runtime. We’re also a small but mighty, distributed team of developers, illustrators, and community peeps who have strong opinions about hot dogs. It’s no surprise since our superfly homebase is in the lovely city of Chicago, IL. One way to bring our cofounder, Kurt, to tears (and not the happy, weepy kind) is to mention your love of ketchup on a dog… This intense passion combined with a recent read of this coffee post led me to investigate the hot dog and drink preferences of our team. In this mini-series of posts, I’d like to introduce you to the folks behind the Edge Apps.

Kurt Mackey, cofounder

Kurt currently resides in the Windy City, so even pretending to like anything other than a proper Chicago dog is out of the question. He likes to pair it with a little rye whiskey and call it a day.

Jerome Gravel-Niquet, cofounder

Jerome is our resident French Canadian keeping it simple with a little mustard and pickles on his frankfurter. He keeps things classy by pairing it with a good saison. jerome-dog

Steve Berryman, dev

Steve joins us from across the pond in London, and his hot dog choice reflects just that. I’ll let him describe it:

OK, I don’t know if this really counts as a hotdog, since it’s a proper British sausage rather than like… a frank… but any Saturday morning I can make it, I like to wander up the road to the local farmers market where there’s a stall that’ll do a jumbo sausage (pork, and organic and all that kind of thing from a farm) in a roll, with caramelised onions (and when i’m feeling gluttonous, bacon).

What’s he going to wash down this monstrosity with? A good craft IPA. steve-dog

Kyle Foster, design

Kyle is a recent transplant from the South up to Chicago, so his weenie choice reflects just that: a charcoal grilled dog with relish and mustard on a toasted bun. He washes it down with a seven and seven, which sounds like a proper Southern Summer night. kyle-dog

Annie Ruygt, illustrator

Annie is our talented illustrator (she created all of these amazing images for this post!) and I think she can sum up her love of dogs better than I can: > I used to love hotdogs with a hot passion, but the vegan ones don’t cut it so now I draw hotdogs instead.
> Kombucha is her brew of choice.

Elise Barnes, technical content writer

Elise is (edit: no longer) the newest member of the Fly family, joining us from the Garden State (that’s New Jersey for those of you who don’t like Zack Braff). She surprised us with the beefy fact that she isn’t down with dogs (well, she does have 4 cats, but I digress …)!

Elise likes a good ole fashioned BBQ bacon burger, and since she’s classy, she washes it down with a rosé.


Michael Dwan, dev

Michael is the newest member of our superfly team of misfits. He’s bringing his wicked engineering skills, but what’s really important is how he feels about food. Like a few of us on the team, meat isn’t always his go-to treat, but he can’t say no to a chili cheese dog (go big or go home, ammirite??)! He washes it down with an imperial aged porter… no PBRs for this upscale gent (he wears bow ties, so trust me, this guy knows class).


Christina Keelan Cottrell, community

Oh hey, that’s me! I like everything loaded up on my dog (vegan option if I can find it… Sorry Annie!): ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, relish, anything tangy and crunchy like cucumbers and stuff… unfortunately my dog probably makes Kurt angry :( I prefer stouty beers like Guinness, but with a dog I like em light, lemony, and crispy.. a summer shandy is nice! xtina-dog

So there you have it! You know a little bit more about the team and I’m sure you’re now craving this most delicious of Summer treats. I’ll be back soon with some more #FunFacts about the superfly team. Have any special requests? Just ask us on Twitter. Happy Summer!