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Write with Fly, Earn $500: Calling Bloggers, Writers and Authors!

We work in a crazy-weird industry. The work-force: the marketers, engineers, business developers and technical writers, wake up to a storm of new information each and every day. To make discovering the new and nifty more pleasant, we at Fly look to content to delight, engage and educate creators of all types. We're seeking fresh voices and perspectives; want to earn $500 to play with a fun new technical tool, build something creative, then write about it? Excellent. We'd like to talk to you!


Way She Goes

Fly covers a wide breadth of fascinating technical topics upon which one can opine. The edge is uncharted territory and we need vibrant minds to explore it with us. Along with a cool payment of $500USD is lovely exposure...

  • Your work will be posted within our blog as you
  • You'll have a spot in our Newsletter
  • You'll be added to all Tweets related to your work
  • You'll be an honorary member of the Fly writing team

... and some of our finest swag!

If you write at a high quality, there's opportunity for repeated features; within everything you write, you can associate yourself with your team or product; your writing is your own and you can repost it wherever you'd like.

Here's how the process looks. It starts with an idea, a glimmer in your eye:

  • Email us at authors@fly.io to introduce yourself and share your idea. Why this idea? Why will the audience enjoy it? Do you love building things? What are some of your favourite things? Where are you from!? Who are you!? Open up! We'd like to build a relationship with you.

To keep quality under-control, an idea must be accepted and agreed upon before the process begins. We filter with supreme politeness.

  • Once we've both agreed that your idea is sparkle-y enough then we'll massage it into a lovely seed of content.

  • You write a draft and grow the seed into a fruitful piece of technical writing.

  • If you're feeling things about your draft, send it to us anytime and we'll go back and forth in a light-hearted process of creative expansion and contraction.

  • Once considered complletteee, the article will be published and promoted and you'll be paid!

Good Idea, Bad Idea

All ideas are wonderful but we're seeking thoughts with a certain technical flair. Fly is an Application Delivery Network. You can scroll through our content to get an idea of the technical domain that we operate in. Some of our more popular articles may provide inspiration:

Fly is a bit like a global load balancer and a smart reverse-proxy with a library of useful Middleware attached. We've seen people create nifty things with it! We're excited to see what you can come up with.

Write a Fly Article, Get $500: Email us at authors@fly.io!

“Writing is refined thinking.” — Stephen King

Kellen Evan Person


Kellen Evan Person

A polite, forest-dwelling Canadian who enjoys writing and nature. He's spent near two decades building web applications and strives to keep development fun and light-hearted.

North Vancouver, Canada