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Fly + Squarespace: Hip to Be Squarespace

We've rolled out a new backend: Squarespace. Squarespace offers a simplified "all-in-one" website creation platform. It's great for portfolios, blogs, or store-fronts. What it lacks in customizability, it makes up for with streamlined templates from talented designers; it's a low-barrier way of getting something pretty and simple up quickly. While Squarespace is already served from a global delivery network over HTTPS, Fly can help fill in some of the misses pieces and squeeze the most out of the platform.

Let's dig in!

One Domain to Rule Them All

If you're looking for a quick way to spin up a product page or a store, you should consider using Squarespace. Typically, the first step is acquiring or porting your domain within Squarespace. With domain in tow, you'd then create your site. But what if you wanted to create your new site as part of an existing site? For example, if you had an application running at coolapp.com and wanted to put up a simple store-front at /store/? Or launch a spin-off product like /home-robot/?

Using Fly, you can easily put Squarespace on any subfolder: /store/, /home-robot/, /swag/, /blog/ -- whatever you wish. A domain with multiple, useful subfolders gets significant benefit towards Search Engine Optimization.

As your site grows in popularity, the domain associated with it gains "authority" for its related keywords. As authority grows, your ranking within major search engines increases. Using a subdomain, like blog.coolapp.com counts as a separate property and does not add authority to the root domain: coolapp.com. A subfolder, coolapp.com/blog/ counts as the same property. One All-Encompassing Domain is a major boon for SEO.

Middleware Magic

A major benefit of using Squarespace is the relative ease in which one can create a good-looking page. Given that, at its core, it's a market-place that revolves around pre-built site templates, many users are at the mercy of what's included within the templates. Any extensibility needs to be coded in; discomfort with code is a major reason one would have been interested in Squarespace in the first place! Using Fly Middleware, you can inject useful analytics and powerful features right from our UI.

Here's a few that can help you immediately:

  • HTML Injection: Select whether you'd like to inject HTML within the <head>, <body> or <html>. Useful for third-party analytics snippets or JavaScript.

  • Google Analytics: Apply Google Analytics at the server. Service 'at the server' means that browsers and browser-extensions are unable to block it; the snippets are injected at our edge-server, not loaded from the client. More information here.

  • Render Speed Tracking: Use the Fly UI to track rendering performance; keep an eye on how your site is performing.

  • Geo IP Lookup: Receive information on where your users are connecting from. Then, you apply Fly routing rules to route traffic based on that information. German users? Send them to your German localized page!

Summary: Hip to Be Squarespace

As you build out your online vision, it's wise to consolidate everything under one hostname; one might coolapp.com. Using Fly, the Application Delivery Network, you can easily add new backends like Squarespace to your existing infrastructure.

With an ever-expanding arsenal of Middleware to save you time developing features, you can use "all-in-one" services like Squarespace to quickly add supplemental pages to your existing site. Or, if you want to use Squarespace on its own, you can double-down on performance and use Middleware to continue to work from the UI instead of the code-base.

Fly is free to sign up! Your first 2,000,000 requests and 100GB of transfer are free!

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