How Oh My Green Keeps Companies Happy and Healthy

By Kellen 

Walking into a bustling tech office for the first time, it was easy to be smitten by the broad selection of chocolate bars, sweet beverages, and sugary breakfast cereals contained within the kitchen. It didn't take long to learn that questionable fuel intake led to sluggish output and a daily 2PM crash-nap. Ushering in a new standard of healthy office eating and clear-headed, healthy productivity is Oh My Green. We'll look at what makes OMG special then explore how Fly helps them weave together a tasty online image to match their delicious and organic edible offerings.

The Fable of Farm to Table

High-performance teams love fancy offices. A well thought-out environment can become more than just an arrangement of office furniture, a cluster of people and appliances. It can become a safe, comfortable, inspiring and nourishing habitat where people can relax, collaborate, and apply their talents to solve the most challenging problems. An essential ingredient in any quality human habitat is healthy and clean fuel; the purest beverages and the most nutritional cuisines curated with the latest of dietary sciences in mind.

Oh My Green can infuse your kitchen with the discerning taste buds of professional chefs, high quality locally sourced ingredients, tastily prepared meals, intuitive and clear kitchen design, top-of-the-line appliances and dynamic application intelligence. Whether you're an office of 50 or over 2000 people, you can turn your kitchen space into a streamlined station to empower your work-force through quality fuel. Presently, OMG offers premium, healthy snack, beverage, and catering services as well as their Box delivery service.

Offering more than quality eats, the Oh My Green service comes equipped with a clever dashboard. You can manage and view your supply chain, see metrics that reflect the quality of your kitchen experience, and receive recommendations for how you can further enhance at-work snacking and dining. Paired with your slick application back-bone are dedicated on-site staff who are there to cater to diners.

Certified Borg-anic

When you're dealing with organic and perishable produce, a reliable logistical network is vital. When you're building a trustworthy brand, consistent and uniformed quality will help you stand out from your competitors and attract new customers. A clear and polished image is why Oh My Green weaves six different applications through Their users see one recognizable hostname, their developers have all their tools tucked neatly into one place.

OhMyGreen: Our stack consists of 6 different applications...

Typically, roping all of these services together would require a sophisticated reverse-proxy; a developer would need to manage SSL certificates, the renewal of those certificates, patching and updating their back-end environment, and load balancing in-coming traffic.

"We use Fly as a proxy in front of all of the apps above so that they can all fall under the domain" - OhMyGreen

Fly is a global Application Delivery Network. When placed in-front of your applications, you can thread all of your front-ends and back-ends onto your hostname of choice, then configure routing rules to direct your traffic wherever you'd like. On top of that, your applications receive automatically renewing Let's Encrypt HTTPS, travel over HTTP/2, and can inject any item from our ever-expanding Middleware library - like unblockable server-side Google Analytics.

"Fly sits near the DNS and all calls made to the DNS under are routed using Fly. Based on different routing and proxying rules, Fly either renders the web page from the above different applications so that it is perceived as if it belongs to even though the pages reside elsewhere." - OhMyGreen

OMG has the flexibility to use whatever service or back-end they need to create the best experience for their customers. If it's time to add a new product under their umbrella, like with recent Box Delivery, they can host the front-end wherever feels best. After, they connect it to Fly, then serve it from a subfolder: Moving from service-to-service is effortless; authority is always built on the hostname, no matter the source, providing a boost to SEO.


At Fly, we love building technical tools to help people grow their businesses. Seeing what creative and passionate people build on-top of us is what makes things special and fun. Oh My Green is helping transform offices into healthy places where people want to be. Through their tasty and organic products and services, they fulfill their mission of empowering healthier and more blissful lives. Fly is proud to support them on that mission.

What's been the best part about Fly, so far, we asked?

"Ease of use, excellent support, and reliability."

You can learn more about how you, too, can have One Hostname to Rule Them All here. Fly started when we wondered "what would a programmable edge look like"? Developer workflows work great for infrastructure like CDNs and optimization services. You should really see for yourself, though.

An example screenshot of one hostname with multiple backends on Fly