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Fly Middleware: Olark Live Chat

If you're creating a website, blog, or web application, your time and focus will go towards the creation of great content or building things your users would like. Useful services have popped up that allow you to easily apply robust features into your pages with nothing more than a chunk of JavaScript; great features that you don't need to build yourself!

We're pleased to introduce our latest Middleware: Olark Live Chat, as one such services that can provide a more engaging and human support experience to your users with but-a-few-clicks of the mouse. Let's look into how this works.

Humanize Business

Although we spend most of our time typing through clever machines, business is for humans. Olark has been working to improve how we connect users and site operators since 2009. You may have noticed Olark when you visit some of your favourite websites...

Olark site with widget

It's the friendly widget that sits discretely in the corner of a page, creating a chat window for those who are seeking someone to speak to or someone to help. A site user sees a chat button or window; Olark can automatically message new visitors or act as an on-the-ready live support conduit. A site operator see a queue of people looking to engage and find out more about their products, content, or services.

Olark open

Fly + Olark: When Birds Fly

Typically, to install Olark you'd need to inject the Olark JavaScript snippet within the </head> tag of your pages. If you're not too comfortable with making code edits, this might feel daunting. Using Fly Middleware, you can simply click the Olark Middleware, add your site ID, and have it inject itself automatically within your pages. Let's take a look...

First, we'd want to visit Olark and signup. The signup tour will introduce you to your Site ID, but you can get it anytime by heading to Installation under Preferences.

Olark site ID

Once you've acquired your Site ID, login to Fly. Once logged in, head to your site's Middleware tab. Find Olark, click Configure, then enter your Site ID:


Once you click enable, you're done! Olark will appear within your pages and you'll be able to interact with your users within the Olark operator console.


Fly's ever-expanding library of Middleware has grown to include Olark. We're pleased to help simplify the installation process; humanize your business in a few clicks. Signup with Fly to add streamlined and powerful Middleware. It's free to sign up, as are your first 2,000,000 requests and 100gb of transfer every month.

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