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Fly Middleware: HTML Injector

Our library of Middleware grows! Middleware are useful features, functions, and snippets that you can apply to your application in a few clicks. The HTML Injector joins our HTTPS Upgrader, Server-Side Google Analytics, Render Speeder Tracker, and more. What does it do, you ask? Let's take a peek.

The Right Injection

It's common to utilize third-party scripts and libraries when building your site. Perhaps you're adding analytics to gain intel on your users or a widget to provide something like live customer chat. To enable them, the instructions may require you to plunk a JavaScript "snippet" somewhere on your web-page; perhaps within the <head>, the <body>, or the <html> tag. Using the HTML Injector, you can place code in these areas directly from our UI.

HTML Injector screenshot

If you're not one to dig into code, the HTML Injector can be used for simple jobs. You can inject whatever you'd like, but be careful! Always make sure you are using a snippet from a reputable source. If you're trying to inject something that Fly already offers, like Google Analytics or Intercom, use the official Middleware instead. If you'd like to request Middleware, email us!

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