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Have you ever put a live focus-group in front of your application? People of all sorts exploring your pages; you can see their stumbles, triumphs, mis-clicks, and conversions in real time. It's a fascinating sight! What if you could take that same first-hand insight into user behaviour but apply it to every user that visits your site.

That's what Fullstory is for and we're happy to offer it as our latest Middleware. Let's check it out.

The Partial Story

Creators love their creations. Say you've built a slick new sign-up wizard for your application; you're sure that users are going to convert more -- the last view was just a button and a form; so drab! Upon putting your new wizard into production, you're confused to find out that your users are converting less.

Fullstory provides full replays of what your users did during their sessions. You can see their cursor explore the document model; you'd be surprised at what's catching their attention and unintentionally drawing them away from your goals. Part of what makes Fullstory magical is that it isn't a video recreation of the user experience; it's a fully constructed DOM with a JS console and assets.

With great client-side power comes great sensitivity to latency; with Fly, you can be sure the powers of Fullstory stay well within your latency budget to ensure your users' experience stays fast.

The Full, Fly Story

Fly offers Fullstory as part of our expanding library of Middleware. Here's how you can get it running...

First, create an account within Fly. When you create an account, you'll be guided through the site set-up process. Once your DNS is verified, you're ready to roll.

Head over to Fullstory; you'll need an account there, too, to get yourself organization ID. From your dashboard, click 'Settings' -- the first thing you'll see is your recording snippet.

Recording snippet

We'll need to take your 5-character _fs_org from the snippet itself. In our example, it's 5KTZ8 -- the 4th line in the snippet. With that string, we'll head over to Fly.

Navigate to your site then click into the Middleware tab. Within Middleware, find Fullstory.

Add string to Fly

Plunk your organization ID into the field, then click 'enable'. You'll see Fullystory within your 'Request Flow'. That's it! You're now serving Fullstory to all of your pages using Fly.

Fullstory in the Request Fly


Fullystory is now part of Fly as our latest third-party Middelware. With Fly, you can get deep, visual insight into your users' actions on your site without needing to add anything to your code. You can also keep an eye on how much latency snippets are contributing to your overall site speed, and how those speeds are impacting user behaviour. Signup with Fly to add streamlined and powerful Middleware. It's free to sign up, as are your first 2,000,000 requests and 100GB of transfer every month.

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